Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wondering Why Dominions Don't Suck?

By: Ma'at's Disciple, Fer Ynuph

Well, cats and kittens, this article will not answer that question in any definitive sense. Sorry, but TAG's got length limits! (Or should. Or something. Insert your most readily-believed reason for why I am not offering a comprehensive answer to the question of Why Dominions Don't Suck here.) No, the whole answer is beyond the knowing of this humble contributor. What I can do, oh tolerant reader, is give you an example you might not have considered which illustrates a benefit of belonging to a Dominion. Sound good? Read on...

In perusing the bastion of scintillation that are our Heralds, I noticed that Elder Demigod was doing rather a lot of Tutoring good old Silhouette. A quick Scry (or six) informed me that she was not using this blessing to attain lofty heights. Nay. She was keeping it real below level forty. "Hmmmm," says I to me, "Something is afoot."

I wasn't fussed about the massive Favour storm, but I was curious. It was easy to assume that Silhouette was Tithing the Favour to her Dominion, easy to understand why it would benefit all involved if she remained below level 40, but difficult to surmise why Shadows needed the Favour. Anyone who uses the Annals Ability knows that Shadows is not exactly running low on the juicy stuff.

Digging deeper, I noticed that Mikolaj and Sniggy seemed to be participants in the Shadows love-in, as well, though none shone so bright as the facile and erudite Elder Demigod. And while my continued analysist of the Heralds had delivered unto my mind an idea of what was happening, I thought I'd go straight to the jet engine Demigod and see what he might be willing to share. What follows is reprinted (with permission) from his Telepathed response.

So you are curious about my tutoring activity over the course of a couple days recently. It seems you are not the only one. The simple answer is that it was a project that Shadows was working on, but I have been informed that particular response is not nearly as informative as it could be.

It also occurs to me that recently Silhouette commented on the value of communicating when a disciple makes use of their abilities, and there is some merit in that so I am willing to go into a bit more detail.

Basically, it was a restoration project. Back during the last Burning Season, Bill Door made the attempt to lay low the Menthu Avatar found within the Profane Shrine. If he had been successful, it would have been glorious. Unfortunately for him and Shadows dominion, he was not successful.

Part of the consequences for the dominion was it was killed, and lost 4+ levels as part of the dying. Several members tithed favour back to help regain the lost levels, but there still was a deficit from where the dominion had been prior to the incident. So, I switched to Ahmose, and set to work with Silhouette and Sniggy to get the rest of the favour that had been lost back into the dominion, and then make sure that these disciples were at a comparable level to where they were before we started.

I suppose that seeing a million and a half favour tutored over the course of a couple of days, would tend to raise a few eyebrows, but for the disciples involved, even though a million and a half seems like a large number, but it really is not. Just using myself as an example, I have been here now for a little over 8 weeks. In that time, I have generated for myself over 30 million favour. So, you can see that the favour which I tutored is but 5 percent of what I have earned in my existence. To put it in another fashion, I stayed on Ahmose for about 24 hours, and really was only playing for a couple of those, and I made for myself half a million favour just while answering Sphinx questions.

Now, I do not think this makes a case for simply tutoring any disciple any amount of favour, but Sniggy and Silhouette have both been around far longer than I have, and thus have probably earned for themselves amounts of favour which would boggle my mind, but I suppose that could serve as a question for another day.

Esteemed disciples, pause with me to consider that breadth and depth of this reply! Within its paragraphs is a veritable treasure trove of information for the new and the experienced, alike. As I read it, questions rose and fell like fireworks against the dark backdrop of my mindfield.

One Lurky-Loo that keeps poking my mental backside has to do with how we, as a community view issues of death, stat loss, Ennui/return, etc., when it is evident that anyone with a specific plan can recover pretty well. Focus, companionship, and (probably) a mighty database created by compatriots makes it much more do-able than I'd assumed. So much easier that I wonder at the idea of starting from scratch myself, armed with what I understand about the game now, in order to see what I might accomplish in what timeframe. It adds a new dimension of challenge and fun!

And it makes me less disinclined toward my right cartouche. How about you?

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