Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the total tattler 2

by: gabbie gossip girl
she hears all and tells more.

so, i guess they gave the sports writer a week or twelve off. after that poll like forever ago, they totally ignore ME until they need something written about the contest flavor of the week, and everyone else does that too busy button, and here i am to like report on what’s happening with the contests.

old news: light contest – won by sniggy

new news: the grinder 3: the revival (also run by sniggy-kins)

* round 1 – take two of those toys we get to play with and make a better one
winners: Dijital and sockstealer with the amazing radiant sphere aka the rest time hook up
losers: em and mullhotep

*round 2 – sniggytube.com: find it, post it, win it
winners: Milamber and Ozymoron with a totally heinous shot
loser: allispaul

*round 3: the ankhet world tour
the rest: totally to be decided by the beloved sniggy-kins so, ya know, it’s all still like totally up in the air.

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