Sunday, March 2, 2008

Interview with Mafdet

Why did you leave the Riven?
I still consider myself Riven in a metaphorical sense. Leaving the
physical Dominion was a matter of growth. Euplicitous Aerophram did not
leave us with any indication that he was to return, and as many disciples
pointed out, it would have been incredibly hard to keep the Dominion
going properly without its Nomarch. Also, by joining other Dominions, the
last few Riven members can hopefully impart some of the wisdom gained

Why choose the Black Pearl?
Captain Jack Sparrow was terribly charming! It was fresh and new, with
a fun theme that might have been hard to find elsewhere. I had also
been watching his Invitees. He somehow managed to gain members from a
broad range of backrounds, and seemed to have a firm plan regarding
Dominion structure. A little bit of mystery also helped, I do like a bit of
intrigue, and at the time no one knew who Captain Jack was.

What do you think is the philosophy of the Black Pearl, if any?
I'm not sure that the Pearl has a specific philosophy. Probably
something to do with rum. I know that it is eager to help teach its newbies and help them to
become well-rounded disciples. Also to participate in the community,
battening down the hatches and sailing through stormy waters if needs be.
Anything further than that and you'll need to talk to the Captain.

Why did you leave the Black Pearl?
The role I held within the Pearl was something akin to 'Kitten Herder.'
Sometimes people just don't listen, no matter what you tell them, how
you tell them, or how many times you tell them. I don't have the
patience for that, and it was starting to show. I decided my departure would
be better than forcing other people out - it was my problem, and would
have been unfair to them. They can still learn a lot from the Pearl,
I'm just not sure that I'm the one to teach them.
Leaving has given me the chance to clear my head, and also to try out a
couple of paths that I had previously not completed.

Will you rejoin the Riven or the Black Pearl?
If Euplicitous Aerophram were to return I would hope to rejoin the
Riven, although this would depend on the circumstances of his return. At
this point it does not seem likely to happen. I do hope to rejoin the
Pearl at some point soon, even though I may have alienated some of the
members a little. I hope that they can see past that and would be willing
to have me back one day. :)

Thank You

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